Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As promised...pictures from Sardinia.

You will see from these pictures that Sardinia looks like paradise. I really hope Josh and I can make it back down to the island for a vacation before we leave Italy. Im sure Josh will be back because the military goes there often for training. I know he had a good time!

In other news my family gets here in two weeks. Can you tell Im excited?!?! They have no idea how tired they are going to be because I have packed a lot of things to do in a short 12 days. I just hope the weather will be better than it has been the past week. Josh and I are dog/house sitting at our friends Nick and Tiffany. Its been nice to be able to turn the A/C on as much as we want. Hopefully our shipment of furniture will be here soon, it has been a stressful situation. Thats about all that is happening on this side of the world. Hope all is well with everyone. Missing everyone in the U.S.A!!!